Dawlish in OO

My Model Railway of Dawlish in OO Gauge

Here are some Exeter and Dawlish videos from my old model railway of Dawlish in OO including one of the Cornish Riviera passing Dawlish. These, along with the link to the webcam of the real thing, will hopefully keep you going until I get a bit further with my new railway.

Cornish Riviera passing Dawlish

The first video above shows the down Cornish Riviera passing Dawlish with 9 centenary coaches, followed by an up freight heading in the opposite direction soon after.

The second of the Dawlish and Exeter videos shows a driver’s eye view from the same train – including passing under the Exeter St. David’s level and a giant fairy liquid bottle!

Take a ride past Cowley Bridge Junction into Exeter St. Davids

The final video above is a driver’s eye view from a T9 heading into Exeter St David’s platform 3 with a train for the Waterloo line. It first passes Cowley Bridge Junction – albeit not on the right line as I didn’t get as far as building the Southern line from Ilfracombe etc before I had to scrap the railway from my new one described elsewhere on this website.