Dawlish in OO

My Model Railway of Dawlish in OO Gauge

By - PeterLoader

First operating session!

Landmark day today – I have put together a simplified timetable and actually got to start running it!

First arrival of the day at Newton Abbot… 05:55 parcels ex-Paddington for Penzance behind Dukedog 9003. 43XX waits in the relief platform for vans to be attached off the mainline train.

It didn’t start well – the 43XX moved two inches before hitting a dead section – two droppers I’d not soldered and which turned out not to be long enough either. Then I found 3 of 4 points I’d not tested needed the wires swapping to correct shorts. So all trains delayed for an hour due to ‘overrunning engineering work’!

Various other pics below

Above left, the parcels is on its way to Newton Abbot approaching Dawlish. Above right, 5764 couples up to the vans to be detached for the Torbay line.

As the 57XX pulls the vans back, 9003 is on its way towards Aller Junction to take the Penzance route – this is off to the left on my model as it enables the gradient up to Kingswear to run behind the fiddleyard and give more space for ‘Goodrington Sidings’ at the other end of the room.

Above left, City of London comes off shed (well out of the carriage siding actually as the shed is not laid yet) past 5764 which is awaiting its next station pilot duty. City of London will back onto the Kingswear train waiting in platform 6. This is shown above right, with Raveningham Hall on the Newspaper / Passenger train ex-Paddington and due to depart for Penzance at 06:20. This is at the same time as the Kingswear train – with the reversed junction at Aller, one will have to give way if they do depart at the same time as otherwise there will be an accident!

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