Dawlish in OO

My Model Railway of Dawlish in OO Gauge

By - PeterLoader

Class 800 and HST at Dawlish in OO

My son’s birthday today so an opportunity to run his Christmas and birthday presents! A video of the Class 800 and HST at Dawlish and a picture of the Class 800 at Newton Abbot

You might notice that the station building doesn’t look much like Newton Abbot – it’s actually the one I started as part of Exeter St. Davids. I am going to use that and give Newton Abbot an extra platform. Modeller’s licence! I’ve also managed to recycle most of the platforms from Exeter St.David’s so they’ve not taken too long to put down. I had the foresight to make the gaps between the tracks exactly the same so not only do the platforms fit but the footbridge is the right width between the two main platforms. Just the new platform one which didn’t exist in real life to do.

All the main running lines through Newton Abbot are now working, with the exception of one point which is dead – needs one extra dropper so that shouldn’t take long to sort out. Next step is the brewery siding. Then maybe turn some attention to the seawall and platforms at Dawlish….

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