Dawlish in OO

My Model Railway of Dawlish in OO Gauge

By - PeterLoader

April 2020 Update

Here are some new pictures to record the latest progress on my model railway of Dawlish in OO with the April 2020 Update.

Work has been ongoing for a year now – Covid-19 has certainly helped in the last few weeks with the approaches to East Box and track through the east end of Newton Abbot now complete. I have ‘panic-bought’ enough track to lay all the main lines through Newton Abbot including Aller Junction which I’ll hopefully be laying through Easter. Following that, time for a big clean up and then we can get the rest of the trains out which will delight my son Thomas!

April 2020 update - Newton Abbot station
Track at the far (East) end is laid – now working out where the rest goes…

The Z21 controller has been tested with Multimaus, tablets and phones. A few trains have been run through Dawlish on the one completed circuit that is laid using each of the control mechanisms. I really need to spend a couple of days programming each loco to set CV1 to its cab number and to see which locos work well and which need servicing. Then I need to make the loco roster available to each tablet / phone etc. Another thing to learn!

I’ve decided to make the board adjacent to the entrance doors a lifting flap – that seems to be working albeit a little tweaking is required to make the trains flow across the joins with less of a bump! We’ll see how that works once all the 6 tracks for the mainline are connected.

Hornby eLink appears to be working – drawing the track plan was fun!

April 2020 update elink track plan

You can contrast the elink diagram above with the layout design diagram developed in Anyrail by clicking here.

I’ve not tried setting up any routes yet, but all the points in Dawlish, along with most of the East end of Newton Abbot, are connected using DCC Concepts Digital IP point motors with the built in decoders. I’ve connected a few points in the fiddleyard with peco point motors recovered from my old railway to Lenz LS-150 decoders – a cheaper alternative in the absence of the DCC Concepts accessory decoders I planned to use. Finally, the ADS range of DCC Concepts decoders that I was planning to use has finally come in stock – so I’m using those with peco point motors for Newton Abbot and they appear to work well too – these enable frog control (as do the Digital IP ones) so I have bought enough to use throughout Newton Abbot. The points which have decoders and which are connected to elink are labelled in the plan above.

Thank you for reading my April 2020 update – any comments or thoughts on content for the next update then please leave a comment.

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